What is the Apprenticeship?

Our Electrical Apprenticeship lasts for four years, with the apprentice taking on more responsibility and earning a higher wage each year. apprentices completing the program are known as Journeyman Inside Wireman (JIW) electricians. The apprentice learns the trade skills through on-the-job training, working alongside experienced Journeyman who pass on the skills they have learned over the years. In addition to the on-the-job training, the apprentice receives related classroom instruction that produces competency and prepares the apprentice to successfully pass the state exam and receive their state license.

Apprentices earn while they learn! You will start earning a livable wage with your first job placement and periodic increases throughout your apprenticeship. The current apprenticeship wage scale can be seen here.

Journeyman Inside Wireman work primarily in commercial and industrial settings, wiring office buildings, building power plants, performing diverse service work, etc. The training program exposes you to a wide variety of electrical installations so that you are prepared to perform the work in the electrical construction industry.

Tuition & Fees

$35.00 Application Fee;

Tuition announced prior to class starting.

How Do I Join?

Phase 1

Applying Online

Our application process is completely online. The Program Courseware will require access to stable internet and a laptop. For the application, it is recommended to have access to either a Tablet or a Laptop.

Before applying online you must have the following documents in your possession:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certified Official Copy of High School Transcript (even if you have college or received your GED)
  • Proof of passing 1 Year of High School Algebra or higher. Click here to take a alternative course if you do not have Proof of passing 1 Year of High School Algebra or higher.
  • GED if you need not Graduate from High School
  • Copy of Registered for Selective Service Form (males only) (
  • DD-214 if you have prior Military Service

If you have completed a Pre-Apprenticeship Program such as: Skillpoint Alliance, Lone Star or MC3 you do not need to upload transcripts; instead please upload your completion certificate for the Pre-Apprenticeship Program in-place of your transcripts.

Phase 2

Aptitude Test/Orientation

It is highly recommended to provide a written letter of intent (why you want to join the electrical industry) and resume with your application.

It is also highly recommended to provide a minimum of three letters of recommendation supporting your character.

Phase 3

Interview with JATC Committee

If you have a qualify application, received a qualify score on the Aptitude Test, we will schedule your Interview:

  • The Panel of Interviews is made up of members from labor and management
  • Transcripts and your application is reviewed.


  • Your Resume
  • A written letter of intent (essay on why you want to join the electrical industry)
  • Three Letters of Recommendation supporting your character (from teachers, coworkers, supervisors, etc.)

Phase 4

Placement on the Ranking List

Your interview score determines your rank on the list:

  • Your goal is to rank as close to #1 as possible
  • Applicants are assigned to new apprenticeship classes in ranked order until capacity is met.
  • Rankings change with each application process – your ranking can move up or down on the list as new people apply and achieve a ranking.