The Austin Electrical Training Alliance is your first step to a personally and financially successful career in the electrical field.

Apprenticeship Program

Our Apprenticeship program contains a four-year schedule of classroom, hands on and on-the-job training to satisfy the number of training hours (8,000) required to test for your Journeyman license with the State of Texas. Throughout the four-year program, you will work for one of our participating electrical contractors earning a percentage of the negotiated Journeyman wage. Apprentices currently start out at $17.50/hour. The current apprenticeship wage scale can be seen here.

Once you complete the apprenticeship program and obtain your State of Texas Journeyman License, you will have the opportunity to work for one of the signatory contractors as a journeyman electrician, with a starting wage of $34.00/hour. The curriculum and training of the apprenticeship program will also prepare you to work in a leadership positions such as: Foreman, General Foreman, Area Foreman. These positions manage other Journeyman, Construction Wiremen, Construction Electricians and Apprentices. Foreman wages start at $37.40/hour and can go higher than $44.20/hour.

For those Journeyman wishing to advance their careers further, they can test for their Master Electrician license once they have an additional 4,000 hours of work hours as a Journeyman.

Career Path Plan

Master / Electrical Contractor Owner
Company Ongoing


1 - 4 Years

  • Complete the JATC Apprenticeship program
  • Learn tricks of the trade (watch, listen, learn on the jobsite)
  • Pass state license after the 4th year


5 - 6 Years

  • Study for the Master Electrician Exam
  • Run a job sites a Foreman
  • Evolve leadership skills (employee relations, logistics, execution and evaluation)
  • Acquire tools and equipment

Master / Electrical Contractor Owner

7th Year

  • Pass the Master Electrician exam (12,000 work hours)
  • Start a two person or larger Union Contractor

Company Ongoing

  • Perform company marketing, network growth and obtain larger jobs.
  • Increase revenue growth, diversify job types and train leadership.
  • Grow employee numbers as needed for sales growth and increase operational capacity.
  • Establish shop and support personnel (Office Administrators, Bookkeeper, etc.)


Age 62

  • IBEW Pension
  • NEBF Pension
  • Social Security
  • Annuity Account

Apprentice Wages during 4 Years of Program

1st Period
2nd Period
3rd Period
4th Period
5th Period
6th Period
Wage Per Hour
6-Month Period
Total Per Year
Rate %

*Calculated at 40 hours per a work week.

Earn While You Learn

Apprentices start earning a livable wage as soon as they start working. They receive pay advancements throughout their apprenticeship based on performance.