Pre-Apprentice Programs

The Austin Electrical JATC works primarily with three Pre-Apprenticeship Programs to offer alternative pathways into our electrical apprenticeship.

Lone Star CTT

Lone Star Construction Trades Training provides a 40 hour, hands-on training that covers basic electrical theory, electrical code, blueprints, tool safety, and hands-on training to include wiring switches, GFCI receptacles, 3 way switches, duplex receptacles, conduit bending and wiring a panel.

Skillpoint Alliance

This training course prepares participants for work as entry-level Electrical Apprentices. Students will begin by learning about electrical safety, hand tools, and power tools (specific to the industry). The course then covers the difference between residential and commercial employment job functions. Students learn how to wire device boxes, bend conduit, and assemble raceways. Visits from local employers, union representatives, and open shop representatives are included for exposure to different career opportunities within the industry.

MC3: Multi-Craft Core Curriculum

With the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3), you can pick up the tools and techniques of Skilled Trades, from plumbing to electrical work to sheet metal and iron work, under the guidance of master craftworkers.This pre-apprenticeship core curriculum is 120 hours of classroom training. Some crafts may add 40 additional hours as a precondition of entry with credit for the program.