CE Program

The Construction Electrician Program is a alternative pathway to become a Journeyman Electrician in the State of Texas. This program is different than our traditional 4-year apprenticeship earn while you learn program.

Individuals in the Program obtain skilled based credits based on work hours and through completing optional classes specifically designed to close the skills gap between Construction Electricians and Journeyman.

Want to enroll into the CE Program?

Please reach out to a IBEW 520 Organizer by calling (512) 326-9540. The School cannot enroll you into the CE Program, you must reach out to IBEW 520.


What are Skill Based Credits?

Skill Based Credits (SBC’s) are accumulated throughout the program and determine what level of benefits you receive. When you first enter the program you will be considered one of the following:

  • Experienced Applicant with verifiable industry wage
  • A No-Experience Applicant
  • Applicant requiring a evaluation to determine your SBC level and classification.

How do I get Skill Based Credits?

A Construction Wireman Electrician can accumulate SBC’s (skilled based credits) from these methods:

  • One (1) SBC per each ON THE JOB hour worked for a signatory contractor.
  • One (1) SBC for every two (2) ON THE JOB hours worked for a non-signatory contractor. Wage documentation is required and you will not receive credit for hours worked prior to program enrollment.
  • Skill Based Credits from Skill Based Evaluations (must be requested by your contractor or you may evaluate prior to enrollment into the program.)
  • Skill Based Credits credited by successful completion of skills based courses. SBC’s achieved in this manner shall not exceed 4,000 for the life of the program.

Want to expand your skill set and be confident with your work?

The Austin Electrical JATC (JATC) provides regular Classes to close the skills and wage gap between Construction Wireman and Journeyman. These classes include: Motor Controls, Lighting Controls, Grounding, Device Wiring, Electrical Code, and much more. Upon the completion of a class you will receive SBC’s.

Don't See a Class You Want to Take?

You can use the form below to request a CE Class. If we receive enough requests for a class we will offer it and send you a email reminder come enrollment time. All classes vary in cost and is dependant on labor and material cost.

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